Ways to Cope

I have been looking for several ways to cope with what I’ve been through.  As a child, I loved hearts.  My bedroom was wallpapered in hearts, my bedspread was covered in hearts of all colors, my mom made me heart pillows to match everything.  Who knew that one day, my life would be all about my heart!? Funny how things come full circle.

One of the ways I’m coping is through accessorizing.  I am drawn to anything heart-shaped and/or red.  I’ve always loved the color red, but now I want to add more red pieces to my wardrobe in the form of accessories such as scarves, jewelry, dresses, shoes, etc.  And I want to add anything with hearts!

DSC08139 DSC08123 DSC08128

There is one item, in particular, I decided to purchase and wear daily to give me strength and motivation.  That item is a Pandora bracelet. I hit a special that gave the customer a free bangle with a certain $ amount purchase.  I studied the charm options for a few days and went in ready to make my selection.  I purchased one charm with red hearts on it and another charm that says “Faith”; and now I look forward to adding on a few more charms – each must have meaning related to my story.


Every time I wear this bracelet (which is everyday except when working out), I think of my heart and it reminds me to make heart-healthy decisions all day long.  I am very proud to wear this bracelet.  Others may not know what my charms mean, but I do, and that’s all that matters.

Hmmm…do they make running shoes with hearts on them?  🙂

If you are a heart disease survivor, how do you find ways to cope?

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