Lake Eva State Park

Walking in my neighborhood can get boring and monotonous.  So, I’ve started exploring other options for walking to help motivate me to get outside and do it (rather than the gym).  And once I’m jogging more, hopefully these spots I’m exploring will be great jogging spots.  I used to always run on a track in college, and I prefer that the most.  However, I’ve done some research and can’t find any public-use tracks in my area.  Even though schools have them, they are locked after-hours and not open to the public.  Very disappointing.

Lake Eva State Park is located in Haines City, Florida.



Over the past few years, it has been improved with recreation areas, playgrounds, etc.  It’s a great spot for a picnic or to bring the kids.  The playgrounds are even age-specific.  Something I had never seen!  There is a sidewalk that winds through the park and near the lake.  Some shade trees are along the sidewalk but not many.  I don’t know the distance of the sidewalks, but I took my time walking and taking in all the sights (it was hot) and walked for a little over 20 minutes.  Hopefully, once the weather gets cooler, I can take advantage of walks/jogs in this park on the weekends.

DSC07846 DSC07864

There’s a little dock that goes out into the water.  It was nice and peaceful on this day as there weren’t many people near the water, they were mostly on the playgrounds.  As with any body of water in Florida, beware of alligators.  LOL.

DSC07858 DSC07851


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