Medical Bracelets

It’s been almost freaky how so many things have happened since the night of my heart attack that just can’t be mere coincidences; they must be divine intervention.  The stars were all aligned the night my life was saved, and even the doctors say the fact that I’m alive is a miracle.

I was driving the other day and started thinking about Rescue Wraps, which is a product that I found on Facebook and shared on my Facebook page.  What a great idea to have a Rescue Wrap on my seatbelt if I’m ever in a car accident so EMTs/Rescue workers know that I’m a heart patient.  If I’m unconscious or can’t speak and I’m taken into the ER, how will anyone know that I have a stent and I’m on blood thinners?  Medical professionals need to know this information so further damage is not caused.  If a doctor is requesting an MRI, you must disclose to them that you have a stent.  So I was thinking, hmmmmm, I need something that is easily visible that I have on my person to let rescue workers know that I am a heart patient.  I don’t have a scar from open heart surgery like my dad does that would be a giveaway.

I do a lot of thinking and come up with my best ideas when I’m driving.  It’s kind of like meditating for me, I guess.  I don’t listen to the radio.  So, when I reached my destination, I naturally put the thoughts out of my mind.

Later that evening, I went to dinner at Cracker Barrel (I ordered the grilled chicken vegetable salad with vinaigrette on the side – it was ok).  I love shopping at Cracker Barrel…or at least browsing and mostly shopping in the clearance section.  While diving through a basket of clearance jewelry and small knick knacks, I came upon these!!!!!!!

DSC08165 DSC08167

What were the odds?  I’ve NEVER heard of these or seen these before – especially at Cracker Barrel.  And I was JUST thinking about emergency identification THAT DAY!  They were 50% off, and there was one that said “heart patient” and one that said “blood thinner”.


WHAT??!!  It was meant to be.  Divine intervention again.  Of course, I immediately bought them.  The thing that is cool about these tags is that they are charms for bracelets, so it’s not a bulky medical ID bracelet that I never really wanted because I didn’t want it to draw so much attention or cause people to speculate in their minds of what is wrong with me.  (not everyone that I know is aware of what happened to me)

DSC08169 DSC08168

I get to “design my own medical bracelet” with these tag charms.  Not sure what I’m going to do yet.  I checked to see if I had any bracelets that they would fit onto, and I didn’t.  I’m thinking I may just go with a black or red cord and stylishly tie them around my wrist and never take them off.  Once I determine how I’m going to wear these, I’ll be sure to post a photo.

And if you are interested in these clever and inexpensive bracelet tags, they were listed as $10.99 (remember, though, I got mine for 50% off), are made by Fashion Alert located in Riverside, MO,  and are stainless steel and hypoallergenic.  You may want to run (or drive) to your nearest Cracker Barrel and see if they carry them!

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