What Do the Faces of Heart Disease Look Like?

They look like this…
…These men are all brothers, all have heart disease, all would later go on to have multiple by-pass open-heart surgeries, and 1 passed away from a massive heart attack the year before I had mine.
Only 2 of these brothers are alive today – both dealing with heart disease and taking medications on a daily basis. My dad is the one on the far left, and my Uncle Neville is on the far right. (The two in the middle are my Uncle Edward and Uncle Norris.)  My dad and Uncle Neville are the sole survivors of their siblings. Their sister also had heart disease and by-pass surgery, but she was not present for this pic.
These siblings inherited heart disease from their parents (my grandparents) who had heart disease and each underwent at least one multiple by-pass operation.
Heart disease seems to be so common – I think every other person I meet has a story about heart disease or a stroke in their family.
This is why I walk every year in the Orlando Heart Walk. This is why I’m walking again this year!  Please consider donating to the fight to eradicate heart disease and stroke.

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