11 Days Left to Donate

Most of us have been touched by heart attack or stroke, the—#1 and #5 killers in America. I’m no different.
Did you know that one person dies from heart disease every 39 seconds? And every 45 seconds, someone has a stroke. That’s one person too many when its within our power to turn these numbers around through medical research, public advocacy and health education.
I’m walking this year because I survived a massive heart attack (80% blockage in my widow maker) 2 years ago at age 38. 
That’s my why for walking. What’s your why for giving? Please visit my donation page now.
I’ve set my fundraising bar high because I’m confident that you’ll rise to the occasion. Because anyone can have a heart attack or stroke.
The gift you give today will help fund CPR training for millions of Americans, support research studies waiting for funding, develop heart-healthy nutrition programs and so much more.
I’m truly grateful for your support.

Kimby Jagnandan
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