Latest Cardiologist Appointment

All went well with my latest appointment!  My cardiologist was pleased at how I’ve been feeling, did not change any meds, did not order any new tests, and does not need to see me again until June!!!!  In fact, my next appointment is scheduled on the 1-year anniversary of my Heart Attack! (I may end up rescheduling if I plan something so spectacular to celebrate that it requires I free up the entire day. hee hee)

But wait…what will I do without the monthly doctor’s visits???  Of course, he said I can still come in if I need to, and I’m sure I will still be calling as often as I need to.  Either the nurses’ phone has caller ID or they have my number memorized because they greet me by name when I call there now.  LOL!  (Yes, folks, that is how often I call my cardiologist’s office with questions, frantic concerns, and outrageous symptoms.)

Nonetheless, I was very thankful to get a “clean” bill of health (or as clean as it can be for a heart patient) for the next few months.  It makes me feel somewhat back to normal for a little while!  And that could be a very good thing psychologically!

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