When I met with the dietician last week, I mentioned I had been eating canned tuna (as I have for my whole life – one of my fave foods). She said it actually was not good for me because of the sodium content. I was bummed. And then I found THIS!….


Although not cheap ($1.79 per can), this will be my new fave food. The fact that is says “very low sodium” on the can and not “low sodium” actually does make a difference. The “very low sodium” cans contain 35mg per serving. The “low sodium” cans were at least double that. And the ingredients are just white tuna and water. I found this at target, and since I have a red card with them, I save 5% off of every purchase.
Another great find today…

This was pricey at $4.99 (and that was on sale). But I couldn’t pass up the health benefits.  The dietician said to stay away from all processed meats, deli meats, and lunch meats because do the sodium content and the fact that they contain nitrites and nitrates. This package does not contain that!!  The sodium, on the other hand, is high. About 520 mg per serving. I figure as long as it’s in moderation, I should be ok. ??  When I was checking out, the cashier commented on this meat and said it tastes sooo good. That made me feel great about buying it and a little bit better for spending the money on it.

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