Holter Monitor.


This monitor was smaller than one I had a few years ago.  It only had 3 leads on it, so I didn’t have to worry about too many wires that I had to tuck in or electrodes sticking out of my clothes.  They gave me a “journal” on which to record the time anytime I had any pain or palpitations.  I also could not take a shower or bath with it on, so the nurse was relieved when she knew I didn’t have to work or need to take a shower for the next 24 hours.  LOL.

For the most part, the 24 hours with the heart monitor was uneventful.  I did go walking for exercise to see if I got any of the pain I had experienced before.  I did.  I made sure to record the time(s) I felt any pain.  I remembered the times in my head and logged them on the journal when I returned home.  It was difficult to record anything within the first few hours because the tightness in my chest and some of the pain seemed so constant.  I kept the journal close to me at all times in case I needed to log something while sitting on the couch and watching TV.  They had also asked me to log the time I lay down for bed and the time that I wake up.  They didn’t care about me logging any bathroom breaks in the middle of the night that interrupted my sleep.  I kind of wish I had logged more, but I have a few times on there.  I think they will use those times as markers on where to check the EKG, and they’ll obviously let me know if they see anything abnormal.  Otherwise, I will ask for my results at my next appoint in a week and a half.  

The heart monitor was very easy to remove.  I removed the 3 electrodes, peeled the tape and the round disc off of the wire (and threw them away), and placed the monitor and the journal back into a little ziploc bag they gave me.  I then drive back to the Dr.’s office and turn it in.  Very simple.  


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