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Hawaiian Pizza with Vegan Cheese

Because I read it was National Pizza Week, I felt inspired to try a low-sodium pizza option with Go Veggie! vegan cheese (I don’t like vegan cheese so thought I would give it another try). 

Here are the ingredients that I bought at Publix, my local grocery store:

  • Thin Pizza Crust
  • Hunt’s Tomato Sauce – no salt added
  • Dole Pineapple tidbits
  • Go Veggie! Vegan Mozzarella Cheese
  • Basil

I didn’t measure anything out, just went with what felt right.  After all, I once worked part-time at Disney Hollywood Studios Toy Story Pizza Planet making pizzas. So I know a thing or two about pizza-making. ?

Started with a little bit of tomato sauce spread into the pizza crust. Then, I sprinkled lots of Go Veggie! vegan mozzarella cheese on top to cover most of the tomato sauce. I then topped that with pineapple (I love pineapple on pizza, so I might have gone overboard). Finally, I topped with fresh basil.  

The oven had been preheated to 425, and I placed the pizza directly on the center rack and let it bake for 10-12 minutes. 

I barely let it cool down before I dove in for my first bite. 

It was pretty good. Much better than I thought for a pizza made with vegan cheese. I think real cheese would have tasted better. I’m weird about my dairy (fake dairy) anyway. The tomato sauce was good even though it had no salt – which in tomato sauce terms usually means ‘no taste’. The pineapple was perfect, and basil is always so great on a pizza. The cheese did stretch and was stringy like you would expect real cheese to be; so I was impressed with its consistency and the fact that it melted. It was chewy like real cheese but had a bit of an aftertaste that I couldn’t quite get over. Therefore, I could not eat the whole mini pizza.  I’m wondering if stronger flavored toppings like pepperoni or jalapeño peppers might distract your taste buds from the vegan cheese aftertaste. 

If you make your own pizza with Go Veggie! vegan cheese or another brand of vegan cheese, please comment and share your modifications to this recipe.

Happy National Pizza Week!


I now have cardiologists that I will be seeing for the rest of my life.  I also have tons of pills (like 8 of them) that I have to take everyday for the rest of my life.  The doctors told me “no more dairy or fried foods”.  I took it a step further and am trying to be a pescetarian vegan.  I may have made that up – but I am cutting out all animal products except for fish/seafood.  Not sure how long this can last.  I may end up changing to vegan entirely.  

So far, I’ve tried a vegan cheese – so I could eat grilled cheese.  Instead of butter, we used olive oil to toast the bread on the stove.  I don’t think the cheese had any flavor, but otherwise, it was just like a grilled cheese.  

Other meals I’ve tried:  Cuban Beans and Rice (found a recipe online), Crabmeat pasta salad, Baked Salmon with rice, guacamole, and tuna fish with vegenaise.  I’ve also switched to Almond Milks – I especially love their Chocolate Milk!!

I also have to weigh myself everyday, which I’ve always done anyway.  If I gain more than 2 pounds a day or more than 5 pounds in a week, I have to contact my doctor because that means my body is retaining fluid.  I’ve had a problem with this for a couple of years now, so I’m not sure how strictly this will apply to me, as I’ve been known to gain or lose 4 pounds in a day!!