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Literally a “Mile”stone!

Today was a great day!!  I ran a mile on the treadmill without stopping!!!!!  ONE MILE!!! WOO HOO!!!  Praise God!!!  I had not done that since way before my heart attack.  The most I had run up until today was a 1/2 mile without stopping.

This certainly surprised me today, and I didn’t wake up this morning thinking, “I’ll run a mile today!”  When I got to the gym, I was feeling pretty good (and I had a good run/walk in my neighborhood the day before), so I thought I might try to go 0.6 miles.  But if I was going to do that, why not just round it up to 3/4 of a mile!

Well, I was feeling pretty good during my run, was keeping a steady pace (4.2) and my heart rate was doing ok, so I thought…”if I’m feeling this good, why not go for the gold and what’s another 0.25 miles!?!”  So, I DID IT!!!  I continued running until I had done 1.0 mile!!!!  I maintained the same pace of 4.2 the ENTIRE time, and I felt great!  Wow, this 5K may come sooner than I expected since this 1 mile run came earlier than I expected!

I have to gush that I am so proud of myself.  I was gushing on the treadmill and smiling ear to ear.  I wanted to scream to the world and couldn’t wait to get home to share the news with all of you.  I hope this helps motivate me to continue pressing forward and adding a little more every few weeks.  It makes my goal of completing a 5K by running the entire thing more a reality.  I was beginning to doubt it a few months ago (agreeing with what that dr had said – that I might not be able to do it).  But remember, I’m determined to prove that dr wrong!  🙂

I think I’m about as proud of myself today as I was when I completed my one and only Disney 1/2 marathon in 2007.  Both accomplishments were quite a feat.  Both felt fantastic.  Both gave me a sense of pride.  And both made me want to work harder to take care of myself so I don’t undo all the good that I did.

I hope this inspires at least one person.  And I hope I have another “mile”stone to announce in the near future!

Thanks for reading my post and sharing in my excitement of the day!

Happy running!

On the Road Again

It’s amazing what a difference it makes to run outdoors vs in a gym on a treadmill.  For the past 5 days, I’ve gone running/walking outdoors in my neighborhood for 30 minutes each day.  It feels so much better than the gym, and I can actually feel it in my legs (actually, I can feel it in my entire body).  Three days ago, I increased my total running time from 8 minutes to 10 minutes, and I still feel great and my heart rate looks good from what I can tell!!

I purchased a Skechers heart rate monitor, but I’m sending it back.  It is extremely inaccurate and I have to press my thumb and index finger on the buttons for sometimes 10+ seconds to get a wrong reading.  Cardiac Rehab suggested a Polar heart rate monitor.  They are pricey, but the ones they suggested have the chest strap which allows for more accurate readings.  So, I’m shopping for one of those now.

By the way, the cool weather this weekend really helped my running!!!  I hope it never ends!  But if you live in Florida, you know that it will.