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June 17, 2015 – My New Life Began 1 Year Ago Today

I made it!  And I did not become a statistic!  Some ways to look at it:

  1. Happy Birthday to my stent who is turning 1 year old!
  2. It’s been 1 year since part of my heart died, but the rest of me has picked up the pieces, moved on, and is doing fine.  
  3. Happy 1st second birthday to me!
  4. Happy re-birthday to me!
  5. Happy 1st Heart Anniversary!

But any way you look at it, I’m here, and I survived.  I’m a fighter, y’all!  I fought, and I won!

Today was a great day of celebration, despite the fact that I had to work.  I wore my super fun sparkly heart outfit to work.  In the morning, I had my 6 month follow up appointment with my cardiologist, Dr. Duran.  I’ll post more about the details of that appointment later, but here’s a pic of me and Dr. Duran since he couldn’t make it to my doctors’ reunion with Dr. Garcia and Dr. Steiner.


Dr. Duran was naturally happy to see me because I’m his favorite patient…naturally.  🙂

After work, I decided I wanted to celebrate life by drinking champagne…because what better way to celebrate?!


So my besties, Kim and Chrissey, and I went to happy hour and toasted to re-birth, life, and happiness with glasses of Prosecco.  We’re so fancy!


And when I got home, I found these beautiful flowers in this beautiful heart vase from my parents!  I knew they wouldn’t forget!


What a wonderful day of celebration and the reminder of everything that happened 1 year ago to bring me to this day.  It’s a testament to all of the medical professionals and staff at Dr. P Phillips Hospital who worked so tirelessly to save my life even though I was the last surgery of the day.  Employees who were probably ready to go home from their shifts had to stay a little while longer because they needed to tend to me…to save my life…and I so appreciate each one of them for that.

I am truly blessed, and I don’t forget that.  I hope I have many more years of celebrations and blessings!!!



The 2015 Orlando Heart Walk will take place on Saturday, September 12th.  I am recruiting a team this year to walk the 3 mile walk with me.  Once again, my team name is I Walk for JAG.  Although the Heart Walk is free, I am asking that anyone that signs up to walk with me please donate what they can towards my team goal of $1000.  Last year, I raised a little over $600, so I feel this year’s goal is very achievable…especially since I’m starting so early!  You may (or may not) recall this picture I posted from last year’s Orlando Heart Walk!


Even if you can’t join me to walk, you can still donate towards my goal by clicking on the link provided below.

If you would like to donate towards my walk, which benefits the American Heart Association for Heart Disease and Stroke prevention, please click the link to read more about my story, the reason for my team name, and enter the amount you are able to donate.


You can remain anonymous or leave your name.  You can even enter a name of a loved one that you’d like your donation to be made in honor of, in memory of, or in support of.  What a great way to honor and pay tribute to those loved ones who are living with and have succumbed to heart disease and stroke.  Once you arrive at the Heart Walk, there is even a wall where you can pay tribute to your loved one once again.  Here I am signing the wall last year with my team name in support of my Uncle Edward who passed away of a massive heart attack the year prior.


Together, we can beat this!!!  Thank you for all of your support!!!

See you at the Finish Line!